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composite fillings

Composite Filling

Tooth-colored fillings provide an exceptional treatment for patients who have gotten cavities or other minor dental damages. They have become one of the most popular filling options due to their functionality and aesthetic value.

Patients can get significant benefits from these fillings than other traditional types. By matching and blending with the color of your normal teeth, they are more natural-looking and less noticeable.

At Simhairy Dental, we are available for all your restorative dental care needs. Our top-rated dentists use tooth-colored fillings to treat patients’ cavities and maintain healthy-looking smiles.

What Is A Composite Filling?

Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite or white fillings, are a popular option among patients and dentists. They can be customized to match your teeth’s natural shade, which comprise of the following materials:

Porcelain or ceramic: used for exposed tooth areas
Composite resin: a blend of dental plastic and porcelain
Glass ionomer: a blend of glass particles

These materials are made to be translucent and wear-resistant, replicating the features of a natural tooth structure. Tooth-colored fillings can fill cavities, repair chipped or cracked teeth, and restore the overall appearance of your teeth.

After removing the decayed tooth material, our dentist at Simhairy Dental will place the tooth-colored filling into the cavity. Once applied, it is hardened using a special curing light. This ensures that the filling will effectively bond to the teeth without falling out.

Other Types Of Dental Fillings

Due to modern technological advancements, patients now have more options for dental fillings. Traditional types of fillings are made of amalgam, also referred to as metal fillings. They combine silver, mercury, tin, zinc, and copper.

Tooth-colored fillings are a better option if you want your fillings to look natural and complement the rest of your teeth. Dentists can apply them to your front or back teeth. They are strong and resistant to fractures, withstanding the moderate pressure from chewing.

At Simhairy Dental, our dental team can help you decide on the right type of dental filling based on your teeth condition and unique needs.

Why Should You Choose Simhairy Dental For Your Composite Fillings?

The Finest In Modern Dentistry

Our top-rated dentists at Simhairy Dental provide quality treatments using the latest technologies and systems. We are always up-to-date on the advancements in modern dentistry to ensure the best and most convenient experience for all our clients.

Flexible Scheduling

At Simhairy Dental we know how valuable your time is. You can take advantage of our flexible scheduling options, including weekend hours and late appointments. This guarantees that you’ll receive the appropriate dental care whenever you need it.

Comfortable, Family-Friendly Atmosphere

You can rest assured that our practice will accommodate you and your family’s needs. We offer a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, maximizing the overall experience of every patient. Our dental office is well-equipped with many amenities to make your visit more enjoyable.

The Highest Standards Of Care

Our patients’ oral health and well-being are our top priority. From young children to seniors, we treat patients of all stages of dental care. Our team of dental experts provides the general, cosmetic, senior, or pediatric care you and your loved ones require with respect and compassion.

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